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LB. Modern Electronic Institute is registered in Cottage and Small Industry Board on B.S. 2050/10/08, AD 24/01/1993) as Modern Electronic Institute. In 2070 (2014 AD), this institute has also registered in Company Registration Office having changed its name in L.B Modern Electronic Institute P. Ltd. It has got affiliated from Government of Nepal CTEVT as a Short Term Training Institution. The purpose of the institution is to provide skill trainings on repair and maintenance of home appliances, electronic devices, and electrical equipment and produce saleable workforce for self and wage employment. Till date, more than 7000 youths are trained by this organization in various trades course of short term skill training, from its establish coordinating with different projects as well as self payment basis by trainees.

The main purpose of this organization is to provide short term skill training to unemployed youths. The training center is established especially purpose of conduct training program in different sector like Electrical, Electronics and mechanical trades. Among them we focus on electronics home appliances in earlier time of its establish. In the context of Nepal it is necessary to (re-use) repair and maintenance electronics goods due to lack of purchasing capacity of Nepalese people. It is more costly to import from abroad. So, we repair and re use it rather than purchase new one while the electronics appliances are malfunctioning or damage. we have no any industry to produce electronics appliances. Beside that the repair and maintenance work gives employment opportunities for unemployed youths, because the repair and maintenance sector represents industries. Moreover, it is good idea to repair and re-use it if damage or malfunctioning.


Our effort will be helpful for develop technical manpower as per international skill standards so that country may self depend in vocational skill human resources as well as reduce unemployment problem. The Nepalese citizen who those wanted to go foreign employment purpose almost them make skill workers.


Our mission is to reduce unemployment problem and provide quality skill training in different trade as per market demand. Increase trade skills and technology focus to literate, Academic non-technical graduates, Technical graduates like overseer and engineers.


Our goal is almost 100 overseer, 400 engineers, 200 literates and 500 general education graduates altogether around 1200 unskilled and semi skilled youths will be directly benefitted by attending our course in a year. Moreover it will help to increase Vocational skill training, skill researches and develop saleable manpower for the country as per market demand.

LB Modern Electronic Institute Pvt. Ltd.

Putalisadak, Mobile Bazar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone No.: 977-1-4441212, 9840050152
Email : sunchuri@hotmail.com/ skillstrainingnepal@gmail.com

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