Why need repair training?

Repair and maintenance is very useful job in Nepal, because here is no any production factory, it is land locked country and also low income source of most of the middle class family thus we are very experts in repair and reuse it.

In the case of repair and maintenance of electronics equipment especially home appliances and gadgets, are useful for the unemployed and job seekers those trained in a very short period and they can run own business of repair and maintenance. This is why it represents industries in the field of technology, not only Nepal this kind of technique may implement by other country too, because if a miner problem in a device why we through it? It means the technique repair and re-use is very helpful for the socio economic rather than use and through system.

Moreover the appliances that using after repair and maintenance, it helps to the society, getting employment and engage them as well as repair with low price. Other hand it helps to the country.Because if we are not able to repair and re-use it we should spend more money to import next one for the same price as they paid before. It helps to the nature also because if we repair and re-sue it, definitely it saves nature from ruin the land and water as well as if we repair and reuse it, we save production energy and oxen layer. This is why repair training is very necessary for us not only that we are very experts for repair and maintenance as more as training.

Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don’t have the overhead that repair shops have. Dog behavior videos. Follow msfunk on tik tok ,.