LB Modern Electronic Institute was registered in Cottage and Small Industry Board on 21 January 1994, as proprietorship private institution, named Modern Electronic Institute. Since then, it had been regularly providing training and employment services as well as other social activities. After continuous service of this institute, it has registered at Office of the Company Register on 18/06/2013 as a name of LB Modern Electronic Institute Pvt. Ltd as continuation of previous Modern Electronic Institute. In this regard, Government of Nepal, Cottage and small industry and Office of the company register has also validated its continuous legacy by given the documents which shows its evidence of the changing into private limited by its new name.

The main purpose of the institution is to provide skill trainings on demanded trades and occupations to produce employable workforce for both self and wage employment. It has made significant contribution to reduce unemployment problem of the country. Viewing the record of accomplishments of the institute over the past two decades, it has been found to be engaged in preparing capable, efficient and quality skilled human resources as per market demand. On one hand, institute is always committed to cater quality training as per the markets’ need. On the other hand, our activities are also focused on generating awareness regarding gender and social inclusion environmental and social health and safety while implementing the training programs as a good partner of public sector. The vision, mission and goal of the institute is given as hereunder.



Training Center Name : LB Modern Electronic Institute Pvt. Ltd.
Acronym : LBMEI
Legal Status : Private Limited
Registered In : Cottage and small Industries Company Registrar
Date of Registration : 21 January 1994 [18/06/2013]
Affiliated With : CTEVT
Date of CTEVT Affiliation : 15 May 2014
CTEVT Affiliated Trades & Occupations :  17 Occupations Short Term Package
VAT No. : 601392720
Working Area : Training
Area of Expertise : Vocational Skills Training
Geographic Experience : All Nepal
Address : Kathmandu Metro city, Bagmati Province, Nepal
Ward No. : 30
Street : Putalisadak
Contact Number : +977-1-4541212
Website : www.modernelectronics.com.np
Email : skillstrainingnepal@gmail.com, info@modernelectronics.com.np
Responsible Person : LB Sunchuri [+977-9851245855]





A LBMEI is committed to serve the nation by means of production demand based quality skilled workforce and by proving itself as one of the best Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) provider in Nepal. Beside that we are encouraged to product and develop human resource as per market demand soft skill training such as Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GSI), Training for Trainers (ToT), life skills and business skills training.



Increase access of need based Technical Education and Vocational Training (TVET) opportunities for all level of unemployed youth to make proven capability in professional occupation in different part as well as remote area of Nepal. We prefer to deliver the additional soft skill training. The trainee graduates should be cautious regarding the save nature and save life, such as environment safety during their job to prevent from natural disaster and safe from rune the nature like soil, river, sea and air. Moreover our trainee graduates must sincere and aware of the nature preventing from rune the natural environment during their job.



We are training provider and profit making organization in general understanding. Obliviously company needs to earn the money for survive and its existence, on the other hand the nature of job is not purely business, it is a kind of social service too. We have social responsibility, to full fill them. We serve the youths of target communities with market oriented vocational skills training including soft skills. Our goal is to product complete professional graduate with social values, natural conscious as well. Thus the main goal of the institute is to help the government and society means of reducing unemployment problem of youths by providing quality skills training in different sector as well as be a leading education hub in the Nepal.



We have 28 years of track records to provide training in Nepal. We are in existence due to our quality training. Our physical facilities and human resources are as follows.

1. Administrative Staffs 3
2. Human Resource in Regular 5
3. Human resource in contract on demand 100
4. Theory Rooms 2
5. Practical Rooms 2
6. Library 1
7. Meeting Hall 1
8. Store 2
9. Wash Room 4