LB Modern Electronic Institute is a leading organization to provide Vocational skills training in Nepal. This training center has very long track records to provide skills training since 1993. This organization has been playing the role to increase the employment opportunities for unskilled and un-employee youths by providing hands on skill training in a very short period. We have been providing vocational skill training as per market demand, as per innovative world of technology to make prosperous future of the technical graduates.+ Read More

Our services are:
  • Training Service.
    • Mobile Phone Repairing Advanced Software Course.
    • Mobile phone Repairing Advanced hardware Course.
    • Laptop Repairing Basic Hardware course.
    • Laptop Repairing advanced hardware course.
    • LCD/LED TV Advanced Chip level Course.
    • LCD/LED Monitor Advanced Chiplevel Course.
    • Desktop Computer Repairing Basic Hardware Course.
    • Desktop Computer Repairing Advanced Hardware Course.
    • Printer Repairing Basic hardware Course.
    • Printer Repairing Advanced hardware Course.
    • Basic Electronics course.
    • Advanced Electronics and SMS Power supply Repairing Course.
    • Modern Electronics course.
    • Microcontroller programming and interface.
    • CCTV installation and repairing course.
  • Repair and maintenance service.
    • A complete solutions of Mobile Phone repairing, Tablet PC, Laptop Repairing, LED TV repairing, AVR and sound system repairing etc.
      1. Exchange service
      2. We exchange your Mobile phone, Laptop Computer, Desktop Computer and LCD/LED TV.

      3. Placement Service.
      4. We work as a bridge to provide job placement service to our product graduates in different enterprises.

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