Micro Electronics Technician

Micro Electronics Technician


Name of the Course : Micro Electronics Technician
Length of Course : 24 days ( 2 hours per day total 48 hrs.)
Group Size : Maximum 10 Person
Theory Practical Ratio : 20% and 80%
Entry Criteria : Interview
Eligibility : Literate /Advance Electronics
Facilities : Sufficient Tools equipment and training materials will provide by Tps.
Trainers : CTEVT certified trainers 10:1
New Class : Nepali 1 gate and 15 gate. (If holiday falls on that day than next day will start the new class)

Course Objectives

After completion of this course, you will able to elementary level of troubleshooting and repairing, all kind of electronics equipment such as SMT boards such as Laptop boards, Desktop computer mother boards Mobile boards can repair and EEPROM programing can reading and writing skill will be added.

Course Subjects

  • Introduction of Micro Electronics
  • Occupational safety and Health
  • SMD components, types, Functions and applications
  • Re ball BGA IC
  • Operate of BGA rework station to install BGA IC
  • Accurately checking of SMT components
  • How to check back light TV/Monitor
  • SMPS power supply with PFC circuit functions and repairing.
  • Working principle of stand by circuit works explain with block diagram.
  • Power supply circuits tracing, troubleshooting and repairing of Laptop and Mobile phone
  • SMD code value finding and checking components with special tools.
  • Remove Glue Dark Epoxy
  • Practice with Micro BGA
  • Troubleshooting Mother board using frequency counter, Oscilloscope
  • Programing chips/EEPROM re-writing
  • Troubleshooting Laptop mother boards/Desktop other boards
  • Customer dealing, Price estimate repair and delivery technique.