Robotics Technology & Arduino Applications

Robotics Technology & Arduino Applications


Name of the Course : Robotics Technology & Arduino Applications
Length of Course : 24 days (2 Hours per Day)
Group Size : Maximum 10 Person
Theory Practical Ratio : 20% and 80%
Entry Criteria : Interview/Knowledge should be Basic and Advanced Electronics
Eligibility : Literate
Facilities : Sufficient Tools equipment and training materials will provide by Tps.
Trainers : CTEVT certified trainers 10:1
New Class : Nepali 1 gate and 15 gate. (If holiday falls on that day than next day will start the new class)

Course Objectives

After completion of this course, you will able to design and complete the new projects.


Course Subjects

  • Introduction to Arduino Boards and their features
  • Understanding of Arduino programing language
  • Syntax data types and variables in arduino programing
  • Functions and Control structures in arduino programing
  • Digital input and output
  • Analog input and output(using potentiometer, sensor and actuator)
  • Analog control PWM
  • Sensor interfacing
  • Reading and processing sensor data
  • Sensor calibration and filtering data
  • Motor controls
  • Interfacing with Relays and motors
  • Serial communications with Arduino and computer
  • Wireless communication in Bluetooth, wifi and RF signal
  • IoT concepts and interfacing
  • Arduino with online platform
  • Integrating display LCD
  • Project based learning with Arduino