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LB Modern Electronic Institute was registered in Cottage and Small Industry Board on 21 January 1994, as proprietorship private institution, named Modern Electronic Institute. Since then, it had been regularly providing training and employment services as well as other social activities. After continuous service of this institute, it has registered at Office of the Company Register on 18/06/2013 as a name of LB Modern Electronic Institute Pvt. Ltd as continuation of previous Modern Electronic Institute.…
  • 80% Practical 20% Theory
  • Well Equipped Lab
  • Post Training Support
  • Limited participants
  • Assurance of Quality
  • Job Placement Support
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13 Oct 2023


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Chip Level Training Class


  • What minimum qualification should have to join this training?

    No need any special qualification to take skill training, but basic mathematics and literate candidate can involve in this training.

  • Any previous training needed for advanced training?

    Yes if you want to take advanced skill training, specially in a short period such as crash course like mobile or laptop repairing, in this case you should have a previous job experience.

  • Will you provide certificates & what kind of certificate provide after completion of this course ?

    Yes obviously training completion certificate will be provided to the participants from this training center, if participant wants to take from CTEVT than we will manage to Skill test exam for our candidates according to NSTB rules.

  • Should I pay additional cost for skill test exam?

    Yes skill test exam fee will be additional.

  • What is value of CTEVT skill test certificates?

    Value of skill test certificate is skill certificates provided by NTB, it’s the certificate like medical council certificate provided to the doctor.

  • Does skill test exam mandatory?

    No it is optional until government does not implement professional law.

  • Does LB Modern Electronic Institute’s certificates valid?

    Yes Certificate that we provide is valid for working, this training center is CTEVT affiliated institution.

  • Do I get post training support after completion of training?

    Yes we provide post training support to our product graduates in a free of cost. We have number of professional trainers and senior technicians working in advanced repair lab so, we are able to provide post training support.

  • What is the payment systems for join the training?

    Payment system is prepaid, before start the training total payment should be paid by bank or cash at the cash counter.

  • Do I need to bring any tools or any training materials by myself?

    No, participants doesn’t need to take any tools, equipment or any materials for skill training all the tools and equipment are provided by training center.

  • How to go to your training center from airport?

    LB Modern Electronic Institute is located at Putalisadak main Road.
    You can take taxi from airport. It is around 5 km distance from air port to training center, the taxi hire around NRs.200/-
    If you want to travel from bus, you can catch he bus from airport to Ratna park bus hire NRs.25/- distance from Ratnapark to putalisadak it is around 1.5 km to Training center.

  • How to go to your training center from bus park?

    If you are coming from out side valley than you can catch bus from new bus park to Putalisadak, it is around 6km distance and bus hire NRs. 25/-

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